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Welcome to the Erie Lawn Service web site. Erie Lawn Service looks forward to helping you keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. We now offer basic lawn care, including lawn mowing, aeration and fertilization services. We currently serve the communities of Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Dacono, Frederick, Firestone, Longmont and Niwot.

Currently we are closed for the winter months.  We will be returning with the spring season and will post it on here.  The New Year will bring a few changes but will remain essentially the same.

Thnk you for working with us,

John Banks

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Let us areate and fertilize your lawn now for a beautiful lawn next spring

Schedule your areation yourself here on our calendar.

    • Roots need oxygen to absorb water and nutrients, so the lawn can grow
    • Our areation will supply oxygen to the roots — and your lawn will thrive!

 When to Aerate

1. If your lawn is more than seven years old, and rests on mostly clay soil, it should be aerated annually.
2. If your lawn is moderately to heavily used (walked or played on), it should be aerated annually.
3. If water collects on your lawn, it should be aerated annually.

Fact: more than two-thirds of American lawns are growing on compacted soils. These soils slowly reduce the amount of oxygen contained in the soil, which limits the penetration of both water and nutrients. The result is off-color, thinning lawns that show stress in high temperatures, yet show no signs of insect or disease damage.

Schedule your areation yourself here on our calendar.

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Let us take care of your fall clean-up (you should be watching football on the weekends)


  • – cleaning up planting beds
  • – removing leaves
  • – pick up fallen branches, trash and other debris
  • – install protective coverings on trees and plants, etc.

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Colorado State University offers great lawn and garden information

The Colorado State University has a great extension service, with lots of information and tips for a healthy lawns, like this article on Lawn Care.

Core Cultivation or Aerating

This is more beneficial than power raking. It helps improve the root zone by relieving soil compaction while controlling thatch accumulation. Soil compaction, in fact, is one factor that contributes to thatch buildup.

Aeration removes plugs of thatch and soil 2 to 3 inches long (the longer, the better) and deposits them on the lawn. A single aeration using a machine with 1/2-inch diameter tines removes about 10 percent of the thatch if enough passes are made to achieve an average 2-inch spacing between holes.

Disposing of the cores is a matter of personal choice. From a cultural perspective, there may be an advantage to allowing the cores to disintegrate and filter back down into the lawn. Mingling soil and thatch may hasten the natural decomposition of the thatch. The little fluffs of thatch and turf that remain can be collected and composted.

Depending on soil type, core disintegration may take a few days to several weeks. Irrigation helps wash the soil from the cores. Dragging a piece of cyclone fence or an old metal door mat can speed the process. Running over the cores with a rotary mower can be effective but can dull the blade. Many commercial companies that perform core cultivation break up the cores with a power rake. If the cores are removed from the lawn, compost them before using them as a mulch or soil amendment.

Read rest of article and great tips here.

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